A Look at iPhone Apps: LightPad

As I recently had the chance to switch phones at work, I couldnt help getting an iPhone. To be perfectly honest, it does meet the requirements I had on a work phone (calendar/mail/contact synch on the go) which were my primary concerns. The feel-good of an iPhone came as a bonus (or the other way around, depending on how you want to see it…).

Now, one of the nicer things with the 2.0 software upgrade is of course the App Store. While the assortment is growing each day, the quality is varying greatly. I’ll try to write down some tips of the good, and warn you about the bad, ones I find.


Price: $0.99 / 7 SEK
Quality: Over all Good


LightPad is a simple as they come application for your iPhone/iPod Touch. It does one thing. Makes your iPhone act as a flashlight. Simple as that.

Now why would you like to use the phone as a flashlight? Well there are… many, reasons Im sure. Especially if you don’t have a flashlight at home. I don’t. And especially if you are used to using your cell to light your way in dark places. I am. So yeah, it does what it’s supposed to!

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