Game of Thrones family tree

Infographic: Game of Thrones Family Tree

George R R Martin created the rich world of Westeros and populated it with inhabitants of high and low. It can be hard to keep track of the plot twists and turns, not to mention all of the characters and their different relations. This Game of Thrones family tree infographic should come in handy for old and new fans alike. Via

Edit: Season 2 update here.


  1. seb

    No Greyjoys??? Incomplete.

  2. The image was created at the start of season 1 (and taged “spoiler free”). Just posted the updated season 2 version here: Includes the Greyjoys :)

  3. I haven’t read the books either so i don’t know which crheactars become or remain important. I don’t deny that the soft core porn was intentionally put in for titilation, but i thought there was also a good measure of cleverness in the writing of the scene. As well as the exposition relating to Catelyn and the two suitors it also served to keep the sex worker Ros (?) involved in the plotting, showing us in particular that she had arrived safely at King’s Landing. There was also the amusing “metacommentary” on the nature of pornographic representations after Little finger’s critical appraisal of the faux moaning so common in contemporary porn. What i really enjoyed about the scene though was ( as seems common for me with this show) the metaphorical content of Little Finger’s instruction’s to the sex worker’s on how to seduce clients it referenced his relationship with Ned Stark. Ned’s almost inflexible code of honour and his belief in service to the moral right is so special/important to Ned (like his prick that he’s been playing with since he was a boy) he couldn’t help himself but believe he was able to engender honest behaviour in Baelish Eddard knew the man’s nature when he arrived at King’s Landing but given time and skill on Little Finger’s behalf, believed he had won Little Finger “over inspite of himself”. Like a trick though, Ned has been decieved.

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