Kicking it with Slimline

Kickstarter is the original crowdfunder of this decade and a great place to find gizmos and tidbits you need (?) in your every day life. Here’s a few scribblings about the projects I’ve funded.


iPhone 5, one year later

iPhone 5, one year later

Slimline sounds like the ultimate iPhone cover. It really does. I mean, who would want to cover up allt that gorgeous Apple design that makes up your new iPhone 5s? But lets face it, your phone is going to look less than mint once you’ve started using it. I lovingly joke about my iPhone 5 having “patina”, but really, it just looks like crap after a year of loving use. Que Slimline.

Slimline promises:

Protection Simplified
SLIMLINE consists of two pieces that perfectly frame and fit on the front and back of the iPhone, providing access to all sides, buttons and portals of the phone. Lightweight, SLIMLINE will be available in black, white and a limited edition red. SLIMLINE is designed to provide “maximum protection with minimal dimension” to the phone and once on the market, will provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Which sounds like a dream, right? Except that I haven’t actually seen the product since it completed its backing almost a year ago. Well that’s Kickstarter for you, the nature of it is a little bit of a gamble, although I still have hope. The authors sent out an update a few days ago, so either they’re pulling the longest heist ever, or they’re actually trying to get the product completed. Me and my $17 will be waiting.

Link on Kickstarter:

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