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The Lampster

Design item of the year 2016. The Lampeter for prez, backed! (via

R.I.P Mandela

The Best Examples of Street Art in 2012

Ctrl+Alt+Delete Wallpaper

Want to mess with us? (Source

MacBook Air Compact Mirror – ttly me

MacBook Air Compact Mirror

Looking for a pocket mirror, this one totally spoke to my inner geekness. Must have.

Totoro illustrated poster

Totoro Illustrated Movie Poster

From talented UK based illustrator Olly Moss comes this delightful Totoro movie poster. Be sure to stop by Olly’s project page to view more movie and video game themed posters.

Game of Thrones infographic (updated for season 2)

Infographic: Game of Thrones Family Tree (season 2 update)

Be warned, image might contain spoilers! Spoiler free version here. Since posting the original Game of Thrones Family Tree Infographic by Magda Maslowska, the story have of course progressed onwards in HBO’s Game of Thrones series. Magda recently posted an update to include all characters that has been introduced so far, up until the end of season 2. Note that this image can for some (if you’ve just started reading the books, or just started on season 1 of the tv-series) contain spoilers. Certain deaths and relationships have however been omitted, so the image is “mostly” spoiler free. Also find a print friendly version here.

Best free fonts of 2012 according to Web Design Ledger

Dribbble Highlight: Retro iPhone wallpaper

Retro-textured iPhone5 and iPhone4 wallpaper from designer Dan Rubin. Available for download in both horizontal and vertical versions in the link.

  • polygon-liberty
  • polygon-spock
  • polygon-lion2
  • polygon-lion
  • polygon-he-man
  • polygon_ironman

Polygon Heroes

Browsing “collecting-cool-things”-site Fancy, I stumbled upon James Rieid’s Polygon Heroes work. Especially linking the Statue of Liberty and Lion. View more of James’ work on Polygon Heroes, browse the project details on Behance or purchase your own prints on Society6.

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