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The iPad apps you need

The iPad App List of Awesome (or the apps you need for your iPad) – 2012 Edition

I’ve been asked, “Which apps should I get for my new iPad?” a lot lately, so I thought I’d make an effort and put a proper list together. Having had the iPad for over a year (by March 2011), I’ve gone through a pile load of apps with varying quality. The ones listed below are the ones that have stuck and that are now faithful companions wherever my iPad and me goes. The total amounts to about $60 spent but all of them are worth it if you need the specific functionality described. There are of course many free alternatives so start looking around if you feel like you should keep your wallet out of the equation. Also, “universal” means that the apps will play just as nicely with your iPhone if you have one of those as well.

Now updated for the 3rd generation iPad.
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Making MobileMe, Outlook & Entourage Play Nicely (& in sync)

With my new job, part of my daily work is to assist our Executive Creative Director in all things needed. That, amongst a lot of other things, includes keeping track of his calendar and making sure it’s up to date. With the company being mid-sized, but still lacking an Exchange solution, my first week turned out to be focused on finding a solution for me and him to share a calendar. Read more…