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Let’s See What Curiosity Can Do

Honda Hands is a Channel 4 branded sponsorship film for a new feature series giving insight to technology, design and dreams from an engineers perspective. More info about the campaign at

Introducing David

Full-page David ad to be set by Fox in Wall Street Journal. Via Mashable.

Run with Ryan

Hilarious Carlsberg Commercial

Would you sit down or gtfo?

Good Looking Retro Twitter Ad

By MaxiMidia, via, be sure to check out the YouTube, Skype and Facebook versions as well.

Clever Marketing: Help Portal 2 Launch Faster

Valve is currently offering to release the game Portal 2 ahead of the original release date, provided people spend another €34,47 on a indie bundle, and play the games. Is it going to work? Well, maybe not as the bundle is a tad pricey, but generally not a bad idea.

Creative Marketing: Foursquare Connected Billboard With Dog Food Snack Dispenser

Social geo-services are finally starting to make sense. Check-in by the billboard, and voila, dog food dispensed.

Volkswagen Commercial: The Making of “The Force”

The making of from Was convinced that was a “she” Vader (which in my humble opinion would’ve been genious), but no.

Ad: Bredbandsbolaget’s Flying Orc

Ad for Swedish broadband operator

Creative Marketing, Wii

Here’s a truly creative piece of marketing for the video game console Wii. The funny thing is that I didn’t even notice the stuff happening until half way through. Remember to play through all of the YouTube vid :)
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