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Apptastic: Cobook

Currently testing Cobook app which promises to simplify my address book management. Looking good so far, especially the feature populating information from Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

50 Free Mac Apps for 2012

Thank you for revolutionizing our world. R.I.P Mr Jobs. Image via Tuaw

Dribbble Highlight: Kick-Ass GUI Design

By Sean Shang

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Awesome MacBook Vinyl Stickers

These, and many more, via

Clever Marketing: Help Portal 2 Launch Faster

Valve is currently offering to release the game Portal 2 ahead of the original release date, provided people spend another €34,47 on a indie bundle, and play the games. Is it going to work? Well, maybe not as the bundle is a tad pricey, but generally not a bad idea.

2011, the Year of ?

Infographic: All Time Flight Control Sales


Appstorm’s Best iOS Apps of 2010

Appstorm’s Best Mac Apps of 2010

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