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Mailbox App: Are we there yet?

Mailbox is supposedly going to revolutionize my inbox-world, but waiting in line is boring when you want to try something new…  #twodayslater #firstworldproblems

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Apptastic: Cobook

Currently testing Cobook app which promises to simplify my address book management. Looking good so far, especially the feature populating information from Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

50 Free Mac Apps for 2012

The “App Edition”

Warner have just released two rather surprising apps to the iOS App Store. Two of Christopher Nolan’s movies, Inception and The Dark Knight now have their very own apps. The not so surprising content includes (free) the first five minutes of the theatrical release in addition to select bonus material such as games, trivia, soundtracks and soundboards. The really surprising part is that you can, via an in-app purchase, get the full featured movie to stream or download. The app is localized to quite a few different languages, complete with subtitling. Also, while watching the film, you can share your favorite movie quotes through Facebook and Twitter and watch a feed of social networking chatter directly related to the movie in real-time. Novel. Read more…

Infographic: All Time Flight Control Sales


Secret of Mana for iPhone

One of the great SNES classics of the 90’s, now available for download.

Word Lens for iPhone

Amazing word recognition technology, if yet with some limitations (read the description before you buy the additional dictionary)

DN+ for iPad

DN+ (Dagens Nyheter, largest daily in Sweden) has just gotten an app based on the new News+ platform from Bonnier. One of the best looking daily news apps so far, if yet a bit expensive. About 2 EUR per issue, or 19.90 EUR for a monthly subscription. Subscribers of the paper version can get the app subscription for an additional 9.90 EUR per month. More images after the jump. Read more…

Gowalla iPhone App v3

Pretty new interface, now also with Facebook Places and Forsquare integration… Interesting strategy.

Reeder for Mac Beta

Just as gorgeous as the iPad and iPhone dittoes. Get it here:

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