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The Lampster

Design item of the year 2016. The Lampeter for prez, backed! (via

Totoro illustrated poster

Totoro Illustrated Movie Poster

From talented UK based illustrator Olly Moss comes this delightful Totoro movie poster. Be sure to stop by Olly’s project page to view more movie and video game themed posters.

  • polygon-liberty
  • polygon-spock
  • polygon-lion2
  • polygon-lion
  • polygon-he-man
  • polygon_ironman

Polygon Heroes

Browsing “collecting-cool-things”-site Fancy, I stumbled upon James Rieid’s Polygon Heroes work. Especially linking the Statue of Liberty and Lion. View more of James’ work on Polygon Heroes, browse the project details on Behance or purchase your own prints on Society6.

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  • GOT_Sigils_large
  • Stark

Dribbble Highlight: Game of Thrones House Sigils

Interesting new take on the Game of Thrones family house sigils by Futurehaus.

Dribbble Highlight: Device Dashboard

Wonderful dashboard design by Jason Wu.

  • pd_magnus_back_ipad_iso_crop
  • pd_magnus_side_iso_ipad
  • pd_magnus_cafe_back
  • pd_magnus_desk_letters
  • pd_magnus_desk_side

Magnus, the Magnetic iPad Stand

Gorgeous and discrete design iPad stand that will companion your iMac perfectly. $49.90 from Ten One Design.

Illustrated Movie Poster – Laputa

Beautiful illustrated movie poster by Simon C Page.

Beautiful and Inspiring Offices

MailChimp’s Tribute to Halloween

Currently active on

Dribbble Highlight: Detailed BattleNet Icon

Beautifully detailed BattleNet Authenticator icon by Johnny Waterman.

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