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Dribbble Highlight: Retro iPhone wallpaper

Retro-textured iPhone5 and iPhone4 wallpaper from designer Dan Rubin. Available for download in both horizontal and vertical versions in the link.

Valyrian Steel Co

Dribbble Highlight: Valyrian Steel

Talented Norwegian designer Emir Ayouni decided to have some fun with Game of Thrones related phrase “Valyrian steel”. Definitely one of the designers on Dribbble I wish I had project and budget to hire.

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  • GOT_Sigils_large
  • Stark

Dribbble Highlight: Game of Thrones House Sigils

Interesting new take on the Game of Thrones family house sigils by Futurehaus.

Dribbble Highlight: Device Dashboard

Wonderful dashboard design by Jason Wu.

Dribbble Highlight: Little Yoda

A cutsey little Yoda made by Jerrod Maruyama.

Dribbble Highlight: Detailed BattleNet Icon

Beautifully detailed BattleNet Authenticator icon by Johnny Waterman.

Dribbble Highlight: Kick-Ass GUI Design

By Sean Shang

Dribbble Highlight: Funny Four Oh Four

By Cameron Moll.