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Mailbox app

Mailbox App: Are we there yet?

Mailbox is supposedly going to revolutionize my inbox-world, but waiting in line is boring when you want to try something new…  #twodayslater #firstworldproblems

Dribbble Highlight: Retro iPhone wallpaper

Retro-textured iPhone5 and iPhone4 wallpaper from designer Dan Rubin. Available for download in both horizontal and vertical versions in the link.

Tall-phone is tall

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  • 3-portraitTrioRangee_720x48010
  • 10-PortraitLaqueBlancheCloseUp_720x480
  • 8-PortraitLaqueNoireCloseUp_720x480
  • 2-portraitKDcranes_720x480_1

Minuskull – The awesome little speaker

These special looking little speakers are apparently designed as “an object made for a high-quality sound experience at home or in the office”. They can be used separately or chained together for a 5.1 experience with a subwoofer thrown into the mix. One would hope they deliver on the sound quality with the €1600 price tag. Looks pretty nevertheless. Source:

The iPad apps you need

The iPad App List of Awesome (or the apps you need for your iPad) – 2012 Edition

I’ve been asked, “Which apps should I get for my new iPad?” a lot lately, so I thought I’d make an effort and put a proper list together. Having had the iPad for over a year (by March 2011), I’ve gone through a pile load of apps with varying quality. The ones listed below are the ones that have stuck and that are now faithful companions wherever my iPad and me goes. The total amounts to about $60 spent but all of them are worth it if you need the specific functionality described. There are of course many free alternatives so start looking around if you feel like you should keep your wallet out of the equation. Also, “universal” means that the apps will play just as nicely with your iPhone if you have one of those as well.

Now updated for the 3rd generation iPad.
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iThing MiniDock

Cool little MiniDock from BlueLounge which works well if you are tired of having that cable laying around while charging. $19.95 and available now:

159 Changes and Counting – iOS5 Changelog

Phonofone III – A Beautiful iPhone Companion

This one just caught my eye on Mashable. It’s a truly beautiful piece of hardware, “an elegantly designed passive amplifier crafted from ceramic and designed explicitly for iPhone. This clever device amplifies the volume emited from an iPhone internal speaker roughly 4x (approx. 60 decibels).” It’s hard to tell how much exactly the Phonofone actually amplifies the sound, but it’s a great piece of interior decorating nevertheless. Get yours for $195 CAD at

The Complete iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

Now that the iPad 2 hysteria has settled down, it’s time to take a look at the iPhone 5 rumors again. What better way to do it than with a gorgeous infographic? From NoWhereElse via Mashable

iPlunger, the Nifty iPhone Stand

A simple yet stylish solution if you need a iPhone/iPod stand when traveling. Only $10 from (via Mashable).

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