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Listening to: Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke feat T.I & Pharrell

So sweet ‘n groovy!

Listening to: Laura Welsh – Hollow Drum

Singer songwriter Larura Welsh’s tunes carries the same pull as Miriam Bryant for me with mesmerizing tunes and a soulful weight to them. Don’t miss out on the gorgeous photographies on her Tumblr page. Spotify embed after the jump.
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Miriam Bryant live at Fashing

Listening To: Finders Keepers

21 year old Swede Miriam Bryant seemingly have a bright future ahead of her, gorgeous voice and sound.

Listening to: Nneka – Soul is Heavy

Mix up a little bit of Lauryn Hill with a dash of Erykah Badu and you’ll end up with something that sounds like Nneka. Soulful and vibrant.

Listening To: Anti-Pop Consortium – NY To Tokyo