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Apptastic: Cobook

Currently testing Cobook app which promises to simplify my address book management. Looking good so far, especially the feature populating information from Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

50 Free Mac Apps for 2012

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Awesome MacBook Vinyl Stickers

These, and many more, via

Appstorm’s Best iOS Apps of 2010

Appstorm’s Best Mac Apps of 2010

Reeder for Mac Beta

Just as gorgeous as the iPad and iPhone dittoes. Get it here:

Making MobileMe, Outlook & Entourage Play Nicely (& in sync)

With my new job, part of my daily work is to assist our Executive Creative Director in all things needed. That, amongst a lot of other things, includes keeping track of his calendar and making sure it’s up to date. With the company being mid-sized, but still lacking an Exchange solution, my first week turned out to be focused on finding a solution for me and him to share a calendar. Read more…