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The Classical Flash Mob

Copenhagen Philharmonic flash mobs the subway. Imagine if you could start your mornings like this everyday?

Clever Marketing: Help Portal 2 Launch Faster

Valve is currently offering to release the game Portal 2 ahead of the original release date, provided people spend another €34,47 on a indie bundle, and play the games. Is it going to work? Well, maybe not as the bundle is a tad pricey, but generally not a bad idea.

Creative Marketing: Foursquare Connected Billboard With Dog Food Snack Dispenser

Social geo-services are finally starting to make sense. Check-in by the billboard, and voila, dog food dispensed.

Ad: Bredbandsbolaget’s Flying Orc

Ad for Swedish broadband operator

The Awesomeness of the Jimmy Choo for H&M Campaign

Today the world woke up to the launch of the fashion collaboration of the year: Jimmy Choo for H&M. Already, there has been world wide reports of screaming teenagers and fashionistas queuing since Friday to get their hands on affordable Choo’s. It’s also been reported that the collection sold out in about 10 minutes, leaving arm and legless mannequins in it’s wake. H&M’s website went down a few minutes past 10 am in countries where on-line stores are available.

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The White House has never looked this good…

No seriously. Just look at the new, the official home on the web for the President of the United States. Barack Obama has always had a very well crafted graphic communication from the start of his campaign, creating quite the buzz in the designing community. It has also amazed many experts that Obama has focused so much on the “grass roots”, blogging, creating a web community and sending out e-mail newsletters and thereby targeting a huge crowd of younger voters.

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Creative Marketing, Wii

Here’s a truly creative piece of marketing for the video game console Wii. The funny thing is that I didn’t even notice the stuff happening until half way through. Remember to play through all of the YouTube vid :)
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Microsofts Killer Ads (?)

This is supposedly Microsoft’s weapon against Apple. It includes Jerry Sinefeld and Bill Gates. Do they succeed? I honestly cant say, though I can’t help smiling, a tad at least. View them after the jump.

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