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GT Review: Journey

Releasing March 13 on PSN… sorry, SEN.

Though it demands attention, Thrones never once bogs down. It’s the kind of drama where, when the first episode ends, you wish the nine others were immediately available. And that validates HBO’s notion that television is the perfect medium for a fantasy series done right.

The Game of Thrones Reviewed

Dead Space 2 is a monster of a sequel, offering bigger scares and more excitement than I expected. I enjoyed Isaac as a silent protagonist in the original game, and I find I like him even more now that he’s found his voice.

Gameinformer’s Dead Space 2 Review

As much as I loved the artistry in the worlds and the general vibe of the game, many of the missions Mickey is sent on are the very definition of mundane. Miserable talk-intensive fetch quests periodically rear their ugly heads, and challenges like “shoot the glowy bits on seven passive thinner tentacles” do little to get the blood pumping. As imaginative as the worlds are, the quests feel tacked on, and sometimes come across as time sinks to extend the length of the adventure. The end result is a game that offers fun gameplay mechanics that are sapped of life due to the mind-numbingly boring nature of the quests.

Epic Mickey Review by Gameinformer