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DubStep Dance

The new time-to-go-home-tgif-video,

The Dubstep Dispute

Cutest little bots ever. Via Mashable.

Hilarious Carlsberg Commercial

Would you sit down or gtfo?

Awesome Super Mario Stop Motion Clip

Call Your Girlfriend

Awesome trio of cottage cheese box wielding women who has gone truly viral in less than 5 days. Lovely voices.

Ni no Kuni – Studio Ghibli’s First Playstation 3 Game

Ni no Kuni for PS3 is from the studio that brought you the wonders of “My Neighbor Tottoro” and “Spirited Away”. Now, can someone please pick up distribution rights for us here in the West? Pretty please with sugar on top?

Portal: No Escape

In other Portal related news: check out this awesome live action short. Found via

The Very Romantic Portals Proposal

How better to propose than via a Portal custom map? Found via

Gaming’s Worst Voice Acting Set to Hilarious Face Acting

Via Joystiq

Lego Starcraft 2 Siege Tank

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